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Induction Heating offers a controllable and localized method of heat without contact to the parts (components) being heated.  The heat is generated by inducing an alternating magnetic field into electrically conductive materials.

Listed below are some of the typical applications for induction heating

Soldering • Brazing • Heat Treating • Bonding • Annealing • Melting • Casting • Hardening • Curing • Getter Firing • Crystal Growing • Catheter Tipping • Forging • Hot Shearing • Wire Heating • Billet Heating • Bar Heating • Shrink Fitting • Stress Relieving • Semiconductor Processes

In addition to the induction heating systems, we offer temperature controls, solder wire and braze wire feed systems.

RDO Enterprises   Induction Heating, Brazing & Soldering Equipment.



Model LFI-HFI - Download Brochure - (PDF format)
The LFI and HFI series of power supplies offer a wide range of frequencies (35-100 kHz and 135-400 kHz) in power from 3.0 to 100 kW, which correlates to technical effectiveness in a variety of customer applications.    Designed with an adjustable tank capacitance and multi-tap output transformer, the LFI/HFI systems are flexible and reliable to meet demanding manufacturing conditions.   

Model 1TM - Download Brochure - (PDF format)
This small, but powerful bench top model has 3.0 kW of power working in High Frequency (450-700 KHz), is ideal for manual soldering and brazing applications. This system is produced with MOSFET technology and equipped with a digital LCD display which gives the user the ability to control the Power Adjustment (10-100%), Manual or Adjustable Timer Control, Cycle/Production Counter, Alarm Displays, and Total Production Time. 

Model 1-2TS MINIMAX - Download Brochure - (PDF format)
The MINIMAX is available in 1.5 and 3.0 kW power supplies (450-700 KHz), and is ideal for bench-top or Automated atmospheres.  These systems are equipped with a compact heating head (transformer) connected by an RF Cable to an RF Generator. The heating head is easily mounted to pneumatic cylinders, slides or even robots.  The induction generator can be equipped with up to two alternating solder heads.  RS232 Serial Ports for PC/PLC Control are available as an option. 

Model 1-4TSJD    Download Brochure - (PDF format)
These induction generators are built using MOSFET technology and are available in 3.5 and 6.0 kW power supplies, which work in the rage of 700-1100 KHz.  Ideal for High Temperature Brazing, Annealing, Hardening or Tempering.  These systems can be configured with one to four alternating heads, and can be fitted with RS232 Communication Ports.

Model 1TSSS - Download Brochure

These systems are built using IGBT technology available in 5, 10 and 15 kW Induction Power Supplies running in a 40-60 KHz frequency range.  These systems are ideal for Soldering, Brazing, Heat Treating, Annealing and Hardening Large components, including Ferrous and Non-Ferrous alloys.  The remote head allows for bench-top applications and Full Automation.


PlusTherm TN Series - Download Brochure- (PDF format)

This is an extremely versatile series, built using solid-state IGBT technology in power supplies from 1.0 kW to 600 kW and frequency ranges from 5 to 150 KHz.  Due to their compact size, remote heat stations can virtually be eliminated although coils can be connected either directly to the generator, buss work or flexible cable.  These systems can be produced for the customer that has a wide range of applications or the customer that has very precise specifications as to power, frequency and coil design.  


PlusTherm IG Series

High Performance tube generators produced in power supplies from 5-30 kW and working frequencies from 200 to 2000 KHz.  Ideal for applications where skin-effect heating is desired.  




Model 1L Temperature Control - High Temperature

The Infrared Temperature Control can read temperatures in the ranges of 500-900 Celsius, 900-1400° Celsius or 1400-1900° Celsius.  The part being heated is measured by analyzing infrared rays being emitted by the part.  The unit plugs directly into the heating system and once the desired temperature is attained, the controller will oscillate the Induction Generator  in order to maintain the set temperature.


Model SAS, SADA, and SADC Wire Feeds

SEIT Wire Feed Systems can be operated via timer or temperature control.  This allows for a repeatable, semi-automatic solder joint  in which the exact amount of solder will be dispensed every time.  The system can also be equipped with gas dispensers for the dispensing of inert gases over the part being soldered/brazed.  All functions of the system are controlled via an integrated PLC.

The wire feed systems are available in three models:

Model SAS - For producing single solder joints.

Model SADA - For producing two alternating solder joints.

Model SADC - For producing two simultaneously solder joints.

All systems are easily integrated into fully automatic systems.

RDO works with a number of Systems
Integrators for Automation Development.

Please do not hesitate to send your parts for feasibility testing in our Application Lab

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